Do you have a menu with prices?

Yes we do. We have four menus. Two menus are located on this website – they are the cupcake and cake menus. These are what we call the everyday menus.

The other two menus are our wedding cake and dessert table menus. These can be requested by email.

How much would a 3 tier wedding cake cost?

There is no simple answer to this. Every couple is different and therefore will have different requirements. Will the 3 tier cake feed 10 people or will it feed 100? Is it a simple buttercream cake or does it require extra work? The best way to obtain a quote is to provide as much information about what you are after, being as specific as possible. Include information like – wedding date, guest numbers, cake budget, cake design, flavour etc.

What days are you open and what are your hours?

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday (pick up times 8:30am to 5:30pm) Saturday (9am – 12pm) Operating hours may vary during busier seasons

The kitchen is open to the public on Tuesday for immediate purchases from 1pm – 5:30pm for “Tasty Tuesday”

Closed Sundays (Sabbath)

Face to face consultations are by appointment only. Turning up unannounced may unintentionally interrupt any processes or delay orders that Caroline so it’s recommended to call ahead and arrange

Found in : About us page

What are your contact details?

Baker : Caroline

Email : caroline @ carolineskitchen.ws

Where are you located?

My home is in Lalovaea on Vaitele (Airport) Rd (long downward sloping driveway with warehouse at the end)

From the airport :  After you pass Mr Burger and the speed hump in front of SDA HQ’s, it is the second driveway on your left

Toward the airport : After passing the hospital road intersection, it is the first big driveway with white fence on your right

Can I get some cupcakes or cakes today?

Yes or No – all of our cupcakes and cakes are “baked-to-order” fresh on the day that the customer picks it up, therefore we need to plan a few days before. I may be able to meet your request if:

  • a) there is room on the schedule
  • b) that it can be done on time before closing time of 5:30pm
  • c) request is reasonable (e.g. unreasonable request – calling me at 4pm and wanting four cakes to be picked up at 8pm)

Are you asking me on a Tuesday? Then there is a possibility you could purchase something between 1pm and 5:30pm during the weekly Tasty Tuesday.

Are you asking me on a Sunday or Monday? Sorry – no you won’t be able to, as the kitchen is closed.

How much notice do I need to give you when placing an order?

We allow a lead time of one day. Placing orders by 2pm for a next day pick up allows us time to plan our schedule for the following day and to do any necessary shopping.

Our recommendation is that for orders falling on Friday or Saturday, the more notice the better as these days fill up quickly. Preferably place the order by Wednesday.

If you need something for Monday, there is a possibility I can assist you if I am given at least a week to two weeks notice. Monday is my day off so I like to plan ahead.

Why can’t I order 12 cupcakes – one of each of your flavours?

Is it Tuesday? If it is – then you can come over between 1 and 5:30pm to choose from a variety of flavours that are ready to go.

We are a primarily a “bake to order” business. This means that we are not baking large amounts of cupcakes and cakes and storing them away but only baking an item when a customer orders it. Everything is baked fresh on the day because we believe in quality and in not allowing things to go to waste.

Baker talking: If a customer asked me for 12 flavours (for an order of a dozen cupcakes), picture me whipping up 12 individual batches of various flavours just so they can get one cupcake from each. Now, what am I going to do with all those left overs? It is not only a waste of time, waste of ingredients but it is also not very cost effective at all.

Do you make wedding cakes?

Yes – please send an email to caroline @ carolineskitchen.ws

Some helpful details to include in your email are:

  • Date of wedding
  • Location of reception
  • Guest numbers
  • Cake budget (the $ amount that you don’t want to exceed)
  • Themes that you might be implementing for your wedding (i.e. tropical, vintage, glamour etc.)
  • Designs that you’re interested in that can be used to inspire the final cake design

How do I place an order?

  • Phone 724 1350 during work hours
  • Email caroline @ carolineskitchen.ws
  • Place an order through the online order form

Can I place an order from overseas?

Definitely – we have many happy international customers who have placed orders through us and made payments via their preferred money transfer agent. We can also provide an invoice that can be paid online via credit card. Assisting our overseas customers is very important to us and we always email or send (whatsapp) them a photo of their order before it is delivered or picked up so they know what their loved ones are receiving.

Do you do deliveries?

Yes – we do deliveries to locations that are within a 5km radius of Apia. This service is only an extra $5

For weddings we can deliver to any location. A fee applies after 25km.

Do you make red velvet or rainbow cakes?

No – unfortunately we cannot assist you when it comes to cakes that require a lot of food colouring such as the ones mentioned above, however there are plenty of bakers and bakeries who are offering these flavours.

Are you able to write on the cake?

We can write on the cakes however we do prefer to create a banner that will complement the cake and not take away from it’s beauty.

Can I take my cake/cupcakes overseas?

This happens more often than one might think and the answer is yes, you can. Obviously, this is an item you wouldn’t be checking in with your suitcase and pusa umu but you can definitely take it on board with you and guard it with your life so that it arrives at your destination in one piece.

Travel tips:

  • Seal up the boxes so that they are airtight (just a bit of sticky/cellotape around the edges should do the trick)
  • If you are taking cupcakes, try placing a toothpick in the middle of each cupcake before closing the lid will keep them from moving too much
  • Freeze the items for as long as you can, in case you have a long flight delay (not uncommon)

Do you make anything that is gluten free?

Yes but not a lot. This is something that we are working on.

The list so far is:

  • Chocolate cake
  • Sago pudding
  • Macarons
  • Raw cheesecake
  • Raw chocolate

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