Tasty Tuesday #3: December 10, 2013

And here is this weeks menu, as chosen by you. Thank you for your participation in the poll 🙂

OPEN TIME: 1PM – 3PM (or until sold out)

Gourmet Flavour Cupcakes: 
Koko Samoa, Lemon Cheesecake, Chocolate Cupcake with caramel frosting and toasted coconut
Regular Single: $6
Mini dozen: $35
Mini Single: $3
Dozen: $60 (save $5)
Bite Sized Desserts:
Brownies with almonds and salted caramel
Coconut Cakes with dark chocolate ganache
Single: $3.50
4 pack: $12
6 pack: $18
Need-a-spoon Dessert:
Mini Chocolate Cake with ganache and chocolate mousse
 Single: $8
12 pack: $90
Cakes to share:
Carrot Cake with citrus cream cheese frosting
6″: $55 (save $5)
9″: $70 (save $10)
minichocakes IMG_6258 caramelcupcake 20130715_143018 KokoSamoa lemoncheesecaketop

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